A band of dirtbag fighters poses in a stairwell.

It's duets and drop kicks at Princess Daddy's Fight Night & Karaoke, the underground fight club where songs are slayed and rivalries are laid to rest. Get in on the action as this band of baddies hits the high notes and deals the low blows. Pretty Boy Mikey takes on Paulie Elbows in the BFF Bout, Cryptacanthaphilia goes to bat against Gut Check’s grit, and Crystal Reign croons as the threat of King Baby looms.

Daddy's belt is at stake, so come early for drinks (and a chance at the mic!) and stay late for the free after-party.

* * * DETAILS * * *

July 29 + 30, 2022.
@ Ozari [3816 Charlotte Ave]
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Featuring: Wanda Amanda Creech, Diego Gomez, Brooke Gronemeyer, Justin Harvey, Blake Holliday, Josh Inocalla, Nikki Staggs

Created by Daniel Carter + Jessika Malone

Written by Daniel Carter

Directed by Jessika Malone + Diego Gomez

Produced by Rabbit Effect and Kindling Arts

Photography by Kara McLeland

Princess Daddy
Paulie Elbows
Pretty Boy Mikey
King Baby
Crystal Reign
Gut Check

F * A * Q * s

There's really a bar?

> Yes. Cash bar. Get in the spirit with a signature Angry AF, Daddy Juice or Zero-Sugar Daddy.

Free parking?

> Yes. Free parking at L&L Market.

When are doors?

> Bar opens at 8pm. Get lit and grab the mic.

When's the show?

> Fighting starts at 9pm. Don't be late.

After party?

> It's free. Daddy says stay put.

Can I karaoke?

> That's the plan.

Are people going to punch each other?

> Consensual violence is our vibe.

Any other warnings?

> Yep. Loud music. Flashing lights. Massive vape clouds.